Automoción Automotive


  • Dash Seals
  • Anti-squeak
  • Padding sterling door frame
  • Pillars and columns
  • Soundproof dashboards
  • Soundproof air duct
  • Winscreen seals
  • Air duct seals
  • Padding
  • Headliner wedges
  • Indexers seals
  • Speakers seals
  • Soundproof rug liners
  • Seat inserts
  • Soft sun visor
  • Soft armrest
  • Mucket


  • Wiring protection bandages
  • Battery cover
  • Soundproof Engine cover
  • Diesel barrier
  • Soundproofing injectors
  • Lateral seals
  • HVAC system insulation
  • Prefilter for air filter


  • Rear shelf wedges
  • Soundproof hollow body
  • Lighting seal
  • Soundproof rug liners




  • Trays
  • Interior sound insulation
  • Brake light gaskets.
  • Exhaust system insulation.
  • Soundproof wheel housing
  • Soundproof rearview mirror
  • Hollow sealing gasket.
  • Mudguard deflector sealing gasket.
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Filtracion 01


We offer a wide range of filtering materials, available in rolls, sheets and finished pieces. The materials used are polyester foams (good performance against solvents and oils), and polyether foams (very effective for water filtration) and non-woven foams (for air filtration). The Filtration is the technique of retaining a material of certain particles subjected to dynamic forces, while allowing fluids to pass through.



The Thermo-conforming is a manufacturing process for thermoplastic parts. A precise combination of temperature and pressure make the material adapt to the shape of a mould. Thereby obtaining the required part. With the thermo-conformation process we can produce very diverse parts. Parts can be achieved with different variations of thickness, blind and through holes, adhesive zones, plastic dressings or overlays and special surface finishes.

Juntas 02


The punching process allows us to obtain parts with clean cuts and very precise dimensional tolerances, thanks to the perfect combination of knife cutting and the pressure exerted by the press.
By using die-cutting, we are able to a large range of parts with minimal dimensional tolerances.
The diversity of our machines allows us to die-cut a diverse range of shapes, so we can adapt to almost any part size.

aislamiento acustico


Acoustic insulation refers to a collection of materials, techniques and technologies developed to insulate or attenuate the sound level in a given space.
Isolation means preventing a sound from entering a space, or coming out of it. Insulating materials such as polyethylene, rubber and high-density polyurethane are used for this purpose.

icono retornable2


This type of packaging can be used repeatedly over a long period of time and maintains its qualities. It is designed to protect heavy parts that need to be transported in returnable boxes.
After studying the piece that needs to be packaged, a design is produced, taking into account all the object’s constraints and requirements.

Cintas Adhesivas

Adhesive tapes

We manufacture customized adhesive tape solutions to stick together objects either temporarily or permanently.

We have a wide range of pressure sensitive, structural, and high performance one-sided or two-sided adhesives, which provide an alternative joining solution to mechanical seals and liquid adhesives.