Embalaje Packaging
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These designs provide the product with protection against falls from a great height. Resulting in a reduction of losses caused by incidents during transport.

At Modisprem, we take into account all the factors that affect or may affect the product and we take care of calculating and solving them.

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Presentation packaging is that which while protecting the product also gives it a certain aesthetic and ordered appeal.

At Modisprem we give the possibility of endowing the packaging of your products with those values, such as texture, color, distribution of elements, touch, etc …

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We have standard as well as designer protection components. Always paying attention to the technical and design conditioning factors that the client or the product requires. Our line of profiles are products obtained by extrusion, CFC free and can be recycled, they combine the physical properties necessary for a material to protect products from shock by absorbing the impact.

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This type of packaging allows for continued use, for a long period of time, maintaining all of its qualities. Conceived for the protection of parts that must be transported in returnable boxes. Design taking into account all the conditions and requirements of the object.

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Antistatic materials protect products susceptible to being damaged by static charges, by not allowing these charges to build-up.

The charges are dissipated in a comtrolled way, reducing the phenomenon of electrostatic overload.