FOAMgineering Solutions and processes of high technological level
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  • CAD CAM solutions to support the manufacturing of either our own CAD designs or the customer’s.
  • Own testing laboratory.
  • Rapid 3D prototyping.
  • Dimensional control using 3D Scanner
  • Final and laser control.
  • CNC for cutting and 2D and 3D machining.
  • 3D molding.
  • Own workshop for tool maintenance.
  • Lamination, splitting and gluing process.
  • Through cutting and half die cut (kiss cutting).
  • Laser engraving and color printing.
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Imagine. Innovate. Industrialize.

Somos Transformadores de Espumas Plásticas.

Imagine. Innovate. Industrialize.

Somos Transformadores de Espumas Plásticas.

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The widest range of technical solutions in raw materials selection and their subsequent transformation.

Be foam

Tecnologias avanzadas


Research, investment and constant effort for the optimization and improvement of internal processes.


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Advanced technologies

We have the most avant-garde technology and qualified developments.


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The quickest reaction capacity and industrial adaptation to the market.

Near you.

We are leaders in automobile foam engineering

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For Modisprem, research and development are a priority. Innovation is a key factor for success, by means of differentiation of their products and services.

Through innovation we seek to anticipate technological trends and offer products that meet the requirements of efficiency, weight, cost, quality and safety.

In Modispreminnovation is understood as an essential way to stay in a strong and prominent position in the plastic foam sector.

On the design and manufacturing of our products, we work closely with our customers from the early stages of development to final production. This collaboration allows us for not only supporting their needs for ongoing projects but developing new concepts and technological lines for the vehicle of the future.

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High performance in plastic foams for the automotive, air, naval and railway industries

Industry 4.0

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In Modispremwe are convinced of the importance of digital transformation in companies’ development.

We are sure that a deep digital transformation, will allow us to take advantage of the opportunities, to respond to an increasingly connected and demanding customers.

Thanks to the implementation of the benefits of the Industry 4.0, we are today more productive, and we manage our resources and processes with the highest performance.

Thus, the decision-making process is much more efficient due to the fact of having 100% reliable up-to-the-minute information. Approximately 50% of the company’s assets already work 4.0.

This implies an improvement of the productive processes, cost reduction and bigger capacity of growth. Having more optimal and integrated production processes, brings us to increase our flexibility to achieve a series production of highest quality, fitting any real-time need.

We work on new projects and initiatives to integrate, streamline and maximize the potential that new technologies can offer and fulfill our goal of achievingSMART FACTORY.

Some of the competitive advantages that digitalization brings to Industry 4.0 are:

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Real-time analytics

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Demand prediction

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Time and cost reduction

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Customer-oriented service