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green foam

In Modisprem, we have always been committed to the sustainability of the products that are converted. For this reason, we continue offering sustainable solutions, working in favor of the circular economy and the protection of the environment.

Within our range of GREEN FOAM products, we can offer two types of solutions depending on of our customers and their products necessities:

sello bio


We have a range of cross-linked polyethylene (PE) foams of biological base with a high content of raw material from natural resources of vegetable origin, such as sugarcane.

This plant to perform photosynthesis consumes CO2 from the environment, reducing pollution and contributing to the reduction of global warming.

Sugarcane waste is valued to produce a Green raw material environmentally friendly. The PE Biological Base.

This product maintains the same properties and characteristics as the conventional foams.

The production of 1 Tn of polyethylene of vegetable origin captures approximately 2 Tn of CO2 from the environment.

sello recicled


Thanks to recycling, we reduce the consumption of new raw materials, the use of energy, air and water pollution through the incineration and discharge processes, and the emission of greenhouse gases.

Our basic range of Ethafoam products reuses 30% of own recycled material, in its manufacture and the Ethafoam XXXX line gets to reuse up to 70%

Its waste is reintroduced in the process of extrusion of new raw material, thus favoring the circular economy

If it reaches the final consumer, it can get rid of the residue by depositing it in the yellow container.


MD Ethafoam 02


It is an extruded, non-crosslinked polyethylene foam which is fully recyclable. This is the number 1 product for protective packaging.

aglomerado 1


It is a heterogeneous mixture of polyether and polyester based polyurethane foams joined by a polyurethane based glue.



Felt material made of flame-retardant cotton fibres and thermosetting resin. Of thermoplastic origin.



Polyethylene foam with acoustic properties whosekey characteristic is the ability to remain almost unaltered when exposed to water or moisture.


MD Basotec 02


Open cell foam, made with a melamine resin base. Its filament structure gives it exceptional acoustic features.


Closed Cell Rubber

Material with excellent elastic and mechanical qualities. Possibility of enhancing its resistance to ozone, oils, electrical conductivity, etc …

caucho sintetico

Synthetic Rubber

Flexible thermal insulation, manufactured by extrusion system based on synthetic rubber. The products are insulators of great flexibility, elasticity and adaptability.

MD Caucho espumado Semicerrado 01

Semi Closed Cell Rubber

Elastomeric foam based on semi-closed cell synthetic rubber. It has good flexibility, without losing tightness when compressed.

espuma impregnada 2


Modisprem innovates in the manufacture of materials by launching a new range of impregnated foams: ACRYLGEN and FIREGEN. (Memory foam and fire retardant foam).

eva 1


Closed cell ethylene vinyl acetate foam with minimal thermal conductivity. Very resistant to tearing and difficult to deform.

MD Poliestireno PS

Polystyrene EPS

It is a foamed material with a polystyrene base. Very good thermal insulator, it also has good resistance to humidity.

MD Poliestireno XPS

Polystyrene Xps

Material obtained through the extrusion process. Good behavior against fire. It can be mechanically and chemically recycled.

MD Polietileno PE Reticulado

Crosslinked PE

Natural or synthetic substance that is characterized by its elasticity, fire behavior, water repellency and electrical resistance.

MD Polietileno PE NO Reticulado

Non Crosslinked PE

It is a polyethylene-based polyolefin foam, to obtain it a swelling gas (isobutane) is used. Thus, an easily recyclable polyethylene is achieved.

MD Polieter

PUR-ETHER / Polyether

Foamed material, generally open cells, with low compressive strength and fast recovery, based on polyether.

MD Poliester

PUR-ESTER / Polyester

They are made of a foamed material, with low resistance to compression and fast recovery, based on polyester. Resistant to oils.

MD Filtrante


Open cell foam material with different cell sizes. The materials used are polyester and polyether foams. Thicknesses and porosities are combined

pvc 1


They are closed cell polyvinyl chloride foams. They are resistant to most chemical reagents (paints and detergents) and are good thermal, electrical and acoustic insulators.


Nonwovens textiles are natural or man-made fibers interwoven and joined by mechanical, thermal or chemical processes, but without being woven.



Felts are cloths whose main characteristic is that they are not woven, for this, it is necessary to conglomerate several layers by means of steam and pressure. Different thicknesses and weights.