Your personal data will be used for our relationship with you in order to provide you with our services. This data is necessary for us to be able to relate to you, which allows us to use your information within the law. Your information may also be disclosed to those entities that need to have access to it in order for us to provide our services to you. We will retain your information for the duration of our relationship with you and for as long as we are required to do so by applicable law. You may contact us at any time to find out what information we hold about you, rectify it if it is inaccurate and delete it after our relationship has ended. You also have the right to request the transfer of your information to another entity (portability). To request any of these rights, you must make a written request to our address, together with a photocopy of your ID card: MODISPREM, S.A, Pol. Ind. El Campillo, Ctra de Ejea Km 2,1, CP 50800, Zuera (Zaragoza).

If you feel that your rights have been disregarded, you may file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (