Nonwovens textiles are natural or man-made fibers interwoven and joined by mechanical, thermal or chemical processes, but without being woven.

  • Colour: White
  • Density: 100-600 gr/m2


The nonwoven materials consist of filaments of natural or artificial fibres, excluding paper. Different methods can be used to make these laminates of interlaced textiles:

  • Chemical, adding adhesive components
  • Thermal, fusing the fibres with heat
  • Mechanical, creating tangles
  • Applications:

    Because of the disorganised but porous structure, they are excellent thermal and acoustic absorbers. They can also absorb liquids and gases. These characteristics mean that these absorbent materials are increasingly used in the following sectors:

    • Automotive: on ceiling covers, bonnets, interior fittings…
    • Construction: drainage materials and acoustic and thermal absorbers.
    • Filtration: as pollen filters and pre-filters, allowing for a constant airflow.

    Supply form:

    They can be supplied in rolls, sheets with different thicknesses or finished pieces according to the specifications and plans provided by our clients.

    All our products can carry adhesive if required.

    We have different thicknesses and grammages for each use.