Basotect open cell foam is made with a melamine resin base. Its filamentous structure gives it really excellent acoustic characteristics.

Basotec, melamine resin foam had its origin in the aeronautical sector to help soundproofing aircraft noise. Later it has spread to many more sectors of activity. Truly effective in any space where reverberation and noise need to be reduced.

The most demanded forms of supply are in the shape of acoustic panels: square and rectangular, although they can also be manufactured with circular shapes, triangles, trapezoids, practically any geometry can be designed and manufactured



Its installation is frequently carried out on the ceiling, either by gluing the panels directly to the ceiling or also installed hanging from the ceiling. It is common to find them forming acoustic islands with hanging systems. There is a wide diversity and forms of placement with imagination you can design any composition and configuration of the panels.

So now you know, to improve the acoustic comfort of any room in an office, restaurant, shopping center or industry, think about the installation of acoustic panels from Basotect. The result is truly outstanding.

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