Acústica Acoustics and Soundproofing


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Silengen is the new range of impregnated foams aimed mainly at the construction and automobile industries.

It is made from a 20 Kg/m3 polyurethane foam to which a vinyl impregnation is applied, which gives the foam excellent reaction to fire properties.

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Silenplac is a mixture of polyurethane foamas, with an ester an ether base, that compact and compress forming high quality homogenous foam with excellent soundproofing properties.

Silenplac is the definitive solution to overhead noise and impact noise because of its good insulation properties.

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Silenpur is a polyurethane foam that has excellent acoustic properties thanks to its open cell structure.

The Silenpur foams have a high level of acoustic absorption. They are particularly suitable for acoustic treatments, for both correction and insulation.

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Silenmina is a flexible foam with open cells, made of melamine resin Basotect. A thermoset polymer.

Its filamentous structure gives it amazing acoustic characteristics. Additionally, due to the absence of mineral fibres, this product is not harmful to health.