Offering acoustic comfort is something we are all interested in, not just in the home. Currently, more and more businesses are looking for options to soundproof, isolate extreme noise and improve the quality of indoor sounds in order to offer greater comfort to their customers, and one of the most efficient solutions are acoustic foams, of which there are a wide variety of solutions.

MD Acustica Silentec 05


It is that foam that offers us an environment of acoustic comfort. Sound insulation is the ability to soundproof the environment in relation to its exterior. In this way, it can serve to hide the noise coming from the outside or the sounds generated inside the space, without letting them “filter” towards the outside. It is the ability of surfaces to create barriers, preventing noise from passing from one environment to another. To achieve an acoustically isolated environment, sound waves must be reflected back or completely absorbed by the material surfaces without emitting any sound from the other side.

espumas acusticas

The important thing is to understand the needs of the analyzed environment and the characteristics of each material used in each project. When choosing the materials, we must combine all the elements involved to obtain the best result according to the objective of the project and the requirements of each client and need.


We have cutting lines to manufacture all types of acoustic plates and shapes according to standards or drawings in various types of materials and thicknesses. So now you know, if you are interested in being able to improve the isolation of a room, do not hesitate to contact us to help you assess the optimal material.


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