Moulded Foam Parts

The Thermo-conforming is a manufacturing process for thermoplastic parts. A precise combination of temperature and pressure make the material adapt to the shape of a mould. Thereby obtaining the required part.

With the thermo-conformation process we can produce very diverse parts. Parts can be achieved with different variations of thickness, blind and through holes, adhesive zones, plastic dressings or overlays and special surface finishes.

The parts can have the surface stamped with the logos or references of our clients. Thermo-conformed parts are excellent sealing gaskets, preventing water, air and damp from entering



  • In the automobile industry they can be used on rear-view mirrors, speakers, bonnets, gear sticks, …
  • In the water sports because of their minimal water permeability and because they have an excellent surface finish that prevents erosion.
  • In the textile industry as reinforcement and protection on work clothes and special suits.

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