Adhesive tapes

All the pieces that we process can be offered with and without adhesive.

We also manufacture customized adhesive tape solutions to stick together objects either temporarily or permanently.

We have a wide range of pressure sensitive, structural, and high performance one-sided or two-sided adhesives, which provide an alternative joining solution to mechanical seals and liquid adhesives.

Our know-how in transformation is extended to adhesive tapes and in therefore our commitment to the solution is total.

We convert acrylic, rubber and silicone based adhesives and we have transfer tapes, with tissue supports, films, foam and mesh.

We supply rolls, strips, or customized die-cut pieces with and without pull tab, separated with protector.

Our adhesives are used as assembly’s solution in:

  • Emblems and identification plates
  • Side moldings
  • Sound baffles
  • Assembly of rear view mirrors
  • Wiring assembly
  • Spacer….

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