Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation refers to a collection of materials, techniques and technologies developed to insulate or attenuate the sound level in a given space.

Isolation means preventing a sound from entering a space, or coming out of it. Insulating materials such as polyethylene, rubber and high-density polyurethane are used for this purpose.

Another solution we can offer is acoustic absorbers, which provide sound improvements in the rooms where they are used. Proof of this is our Silensonora Range.

At Modisprem we offer the best range of plastic foam solutions and the most advanced techniques for processing them.

Depending on the conditions of use, through our Silensonora Range we can offer you the most efficient alternative.


  • Radio and Recording Studios: Absorber materials in polyurethane, melamine resin. Offering an attractive range of finishes, shapes and colours.
  • Construction: Insulating materials to minimise impact noise under parquet or concrete flooring. They are also used in wall cladding panels.
  • Technical ceilings: Absorber materials for standard frameworks. They offer good acoustic absorption and an elegant design. Easy to assemble. Easy to assemble.
  • Machine and engine rooms: Insulators and absorbers that prevent these annoying noises from escaping. We offer fireproof materials for this.
  • Hard Rooms: We offer large dimension shims made of polyurethane and melamine foam, adapting our products to suit the sizes required for each room.

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