Soundproofing and thermal insulation for the construction and automotive sectors.

  • Weight: 600-3000 g/m +/-10%.

  • Thickness: 7-40mm +/-2


Felt made from cotton plant fibres. Made exclusively from industrialised vegetable fibres with a minimum of 80% cotton content.

Fibres of various colours are bonded together with a normally fireproof thermosetting resin. This results in a material with a much higher elastic modulus than other materials. It does not become damaged when bent and has a high tensile strength.

This type of felt is used for soundproofing, and when a fireproof material is required.

Its most outstanding features are:

  • Excellent soundproofing.
  • Insulation in places with high construction requirements and a high acoustic correction factor.
  • Fire retardant soundproofing and thermal insulation for construction and automotive sector.


    • Automotive. Front exterior, engine sides, instrument panel, wheel arches, etc.

    • Construction. Felt for soundproofing and building insulation.

    • Home appliances.

    • Others.

    Supply format:

    Available in optional finishes: vilene, adhesive, aluminium, etc.

    They can be produced as self-adhesive parts (on one or two sides), with vilene (on one or two sides), and also die-cut.

    Weight: From 600 to 2500 g/m2

    Supplied as sheets in polyethylene bales or as rolls.

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