PUR-Ester / Polyester

These are formed by a polyester-based foamed material, generally with open cells, with low resistance to compression and quick recovery. Oil resistant.

  • Colour: Black, Grey, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue…
  • Density: From 15 up to 400 Kg/m3
  • Length: Between 50 and 350%
  • Tensile strength: Between 50 and 800 KPa


Foamed material with an open cell structure, high mechanical and fire resistance (self-extinguishes), low sensitivity to solvents and detergents and slow oxidation speed. It can undergo post-treatment processes such as impregnation, densification or reticulation.


  • Automotive: For manufacturing air and water filters, as this foam is produced controlling the cell size. It is also used for making adhesive weather-stripping and die-cut parts for covering cables.
  • Packaging: Cast and die-cut parts for protection and presentation packaging.
  • Insulation: Pyramid and profiled sheets for acoustic insulation.

Supply form:

In sheets or die-cut and cut pieces and/or arbour pressed, milled, cast, welded (also with other foams or materials), with adhesive.

MD Poliester