Nitto EPDM foam is an elastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber with semi-closed cells. Thanks to this cellular structure, the foam has good flexibility without losing its sealing characteristics when compressed. It is a thin flexible foam that is easy to work with and can be used for spaces as small as 100 μm.

At Modisprem we manufacture a wide range of Nitto EPDM foam solutions. Thanks to its superior compression and assembly properties, the foam fits into very small spaces.

As a result, Nitto EPDM can be found in a variety of locations. It has a good ability to conform to curves and irregular shapes, allowing it to be used in new designs. The parts can be adhesive bonded if required by our customers. We can even die-cut the foams down to the adhesive backing paper to facilitate the assembly of the parts (selective cutting, half-cutting or semi-cutting).