Aeronautical Sector

The aim of our materials is to respond to three fundamental needs: mechanical resistance, low weight and vibration insulation.

Our materials are suitable for preventing electrostatic discharges and shielding from electromagnetic interference for the packaging and encapsulation of electronic elements in compliance with standard FAR/CS 25.853(a).


  • Structural reinforcements.
  • Air and water tight seals.
  • Filter foam for seat cores that enables the evacuation of residual water which can be absorbed.
  • Structural and boat cores.
  • Packaging for protecting components: antistatic and conductive.


Core materials are essential to enable a product to reach a higher level of competitiveness.

Thanks to:

Their ability to substantially decrease weight while maintaining mechanical characteristics.

There higher usable payload.

Reduced fuel consumption, with a positive impact on cost and a lower environmental impact.



  • Fire, smoke, toxicity (FST)

Our foam is within the FST requirements.

BSS 7238 and 7239, as well as FAR Part 25,853, App. F, Part I and V

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation

  • Resistance to corrosion

  • Very low water absorption

  • Ease of repair

  • Dielectric properties

  • Ultra-low density of 6 g/l

  • Maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range



We provide you with care and advice from a team of experts comprising industrial designers, engineers and technicians, who can offer you packaging solutions, in accordance with the technical demands that must be met.

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