CKD Returnable Packaging

This type of packaging allows for continued use, for a long period of time, maintaining all of its qualities. Designed to protect heavy parts that need to be transported in returnable boxes.


After a prior study of the part to be packaged, the design is carried out to meet the requirements, taking into account all the conditioning factors and requisites of the object, including the physical, chemical, organisational, environmental factors, etc... The solution then optimises the transport, storage and organisational costs.


Because of our manufacturing process and the qualities of the material, we can transform complex parts without the need for moulds, thereby minimising the cost of the project.

Is it possible to use foam in returnable packaging for heavy parts?

Of course it is. At Modisprem, S.A. we have a range of foams with high mechanical qualities that will meet your needs and have a durability that will satisfy your expectations.