Non Crosslinked PE

Non-Crosslinked foams allow for reduction, re-use and recycling (basis of the European Directive on packaging and packaging waste CEE/94/62).

  • Colour: Black, White, Blue, Pink…
  • Density: 24-140 Kg/m3


It is a polyolefin foam with a polyethylene base, obtained by using a filling gas (isobutane). This then achieves a polyethylene that can easily be recycled.

Good recovery, comfortable and with high resistance to fatigue and fire (self-extinguishes).


  • Packaging: It is the most reliable packaging for all your shipments because of its high capacity for recovery in the event of possible impacts. Ideal for any presentation due to its flexibility and versatility, which allows for designs with minimum volume and maximum effectiveness. Excellent impact and vibration absorbing capacity. Available in material with anti-static and flame retardant characteristics.
  • Sound insulation: Anti-impact foam to place underneath the parquet and floating floors.
  • Thermal insulation: Laminating aluminized film, allows to separate two sources of heat.

Supply form:

In sheets or pieces transformed by die-cutting, cutting, arbour press, milling, welding, bonding.

MD Polietileno PE NO Reticulado