This is a non-crosslinked extruded polyethylene foam that can be completely recycled and combines softness with resilience and resistance.

  • Colour: White, Black
  • Density: 33-64 Kg/m3
  • Length: 44-55 %
  • Tensile strength: 280-400 KPa

The SYNERGY products have the key properties that make them ideal for handling products, in other words, they are protective and soft, reusable and can be recycled.

The SYNERGY foam is an excellent alternative in terms of quality-price to the other products existing on the market.

The SYNERGY materials designed to protect surfaces with Class A finishes are ideal for transporting the most delicate parts with coated or painted surfaces. They also have low abrasion properties.

We are AUTHORISED TRANSFORMERS, which means we can offer you:

  • Quality guarantee.
  • Study of excellent customised solutions.
  • Minimisation of packaging, transport and storage costs, and therefore, of the volume used.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES over other materials:

  • Light.
  • Plastic (good handling tolerances).
  • Resistant to water, wear and tear, ageing and chemical agents.
  • Maintains its resilience, solidity and resistance to tearing and abrasion.
  • Very favourable environmental balance.
MD Synergy 01