Tatamis and mats

Wide variety of non-slip PE foam mats for yoga, fitness, meditation and pilates.
These materials are perfect for practising these activities as they are:

    • Comfortable for joints, back and buttocks.
    • Suitable for various different kinds of exercises (abdominals, stretching, tumbling, etc.).
    • High quality and durable.
    • Easy to maintain and clean.
    • Very light and low-cost.

Tatami sheets are supplied in blue, in standard dimensions of 1500x1000x30 mm, and in a puzzle shape so they can be joined together and extended.

Mats can be supplied in a size of 2000×1000 mm with thickness to be determined, in Copoprem or Agglorex agglomerated PUR, in densities from 60 to 200 kg/m3.

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