Cleaning and hygiene sector

Modisprem offers various products that cater to demands of the home, from shoe polish to bath sponges for babies. We manufacture complexes for personal, home and car cleaning applications.

We offer all kinds of materials and the widest range of colours.

We can supply in bulk, in blister packs or boxes according to your needs, and as unprocessed, semi-finished or shelf-ready material.

We can incorporate screen printing, thermal printing or custom films.

Our range includes the following products:

  • Polishes with or without impregnation.
  • Dashboard cleaner.
  • Pre-cleaning complex.
  • Bathroom sponges in all kinds of colours, shapes and materials.
  • Clothes brushes.
  • Fine pore or latex foam make-up powder puffs.
  • Neck pillows and foam mattresses.
  • Shoe inserts.
  • Shoe polish foam applicators

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