Air Conditioning

Air conditioning involves creating optimal temperature, humidity and air quality conditions within spaces. We offer a wide range of materials for this purpose.

For the air conditioning sector, Modisprem, S.A. has a variety of solutions to help you improve the efficiency of your equipment and its installation.

Our materials are suitable for cooling, refrigeration and heating systems.

We offer insulation and soundproofing materials and filter blankets. All of them are certified and tested according to specific regulations.


  • Kits for thermal and acoustic insulation in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
  • Bespoke components for achieving maximum air and water tightness in ducts and machines.
  • Self-adhesive seals for joints between equipment components. They can be pre-compressed to make installation easier.
  • Air filters with different porosity levels for all types of installations, in water-resistant polyurethane filter foam and in polyester non-woven materials.
  • Self-adhesive tubes and wraps for insulating ducts and pipes.
  • Soundproofing sleeves for compressors and insulating curtains for cooling towers

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