Aislamiento Térmico

Thermal insulation is the ability of the material to prevent heat from being conducted through it. Insulating materials have good thermal resistance.


All materials have a level of resistance, to a greater or lesser degree, to heat passing through them. Some materials like metals have very little resistance, which is why they are said to be good conductors; construction materials(plaster, brick, mortar, ...) have a medium level of resistance. Those materials that offer a high level of resistance, are called thermal insulators (polyurethane, polyethylene, fleece, wadding, ...)


Modisprem, S.A., offers you a wide range of insulating products, manufacturing them in many different ways to suit your needs. We can provide pipe covers, sheets, rolls...





  • Construction: In cladding panels between walls, ceilings and floors, thereby saving a considerable amount of energy consumption.


  • Piping and ducts: In the shape of pipe covers, preventing them from freezing and also preventing condensation and corrosion. We can provide them closed, semi-open or fully open for easier installation.


  • Isothermal packaging: For the food or pharmaceutical industry and any other article that needs the box it is transported in to maintain a constant temperature.


  • White Goods: To protect cables and be used as thermal gaskets to prevent heat from being transmitted and damaging electronic elements.