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Synthetic Rubber

Flexible thermal insulation, manufactured by extrusion system based on synthetic rubber. The production system guarantees a uniform structure of small closed cells that provide excellent protection against energy loss, humidity and condensation.

Color: Black.

Density: 55-90 kg / m3

Operating temperature: – 60ºC + 105ºC


The products are insulating materials of great flexibility, elasticity and adaptability. The intrinsic characteristics of the product guarantee it a long inalterability over time, preserving its fundamental technical characteristics.

  • Excellent thermal conductivity value
  • High resistance to water vapor diffusion
  • Great resistance to fire
  • Unalterable to changes in thermal and weather conditions
  • Excellent resistance to oil, grease, and solvents
  • No water absorption
  • Great flexibility, elasticity and adaptability


  • Pipes already installed
  • Large diameter pipe insulation
  • Large tanks
  • Irregular pipes and containers.

Form of Supply:

Specially designed for thermal insulation. They can be supplied in sheets and shell. It can have adhesive.

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