The main characteristic of these cloths is that they are not woven, steam and pressure are used to mat various layers together.

  • Colour: Black, Natural
  • Density: 160-400 gr/m2


The felt is obtained by means of a process that mats layers of different textiles together. These textiles can be of animal origin or artificial. During this process, additives are incorporated into the textiles to give different types of finishes and even flame retardant products.


Applications: The felts are mainly used in the automotive industry. Their noise and impact absorbing properties mean that they are used on anti-vibration parts. Additionally, the fact that it can be manufactured with a slim thickness and in different grammages makes felt a perfect material for small spaces.

Supply form:

These materials can be transformed using cutting or die-cutting processes, and they can also carry adhesives if our clients require it.

We have different thicknesses and grammages for each use.

vellon ficha