The open cell foam Basotect, is made with a melamine resin base. The filamentous structure gives it exceptional acoustic characteristics.
Colour: White, Pearl Grey, Charcoal Grey
Density: 8-11 Kg/m3
Length: >10%




An open cell foam, made with a melamine resin base. Excellent behaviour to fire, high thermal stability and very low weight. The perfect acoustic insulator.



  • Acoustic Absorbr: Because of its good absorbing behaviour melamine is generally used for insulating air conditioning conduits, suspended ceilings, engine compartments and rooms, ventilators...

Supply form:


Melamine can be supplied in sheets with different thicknesses, with pyramid or wave shaped finishes. It can carry adhesive according to the client’s needs. It can also be supplied in specific and innovative shapes for walls and suspended ceilings.