• Basotect

    Open cell foam, made with a melamine resin base. Its filament structure gives it exceptional acoustic features.
  • Ethafoam & Synergy

    This is the number 1 product for protective packaging. It is an extruded, non-crosslinked polyethylene foam which is fully recyclable.
  • EVA

    Ethylene vinyl acetate closed cell foam with low thermal conductivity.
  • Foam rubber

    Natural or synthetic substances noted for their water repellent and fire behaviour properties, elasticity and electrical resistance.
  • Impregnated foam

    Modisprem is an innovator in materials manufacture, and is launching a new range of impregnated foams: ACRYLGEN and FIREGEN (memory foams with fire retardant properties).
  • Polyéthylène PE

    Mousses généralement à cellules ouvertes, offrant une faible résistance à la compression et un rapide retour à l’état initial. Très bonnes propriétés mécaniques : elles sont flexibles, dures et résistantes.
  • Polyethylene PE

    These are generally closed cell foams, which have low resistance to compression and quick recovery. They have very good mechanical properties, being flexible, tough and resistant.
  • Polystyrene PS

    This foam is material based on polystyrene. It is a very good thermal insulator, with good moisture and impact resistant properties, and is recyclable.
  • PVC

    Closed cell polyvinyl chloride foams, they are resistant to most chemicals (eg, paints and detergents), with good thermal, electric and acoustic insulation properties.
  • Textil

    A wide range of materials, such as felt, vilene, non-woven fabrics (fleeces), wadding, carpeting, fibrous materials. Available in different colours and weights.
  • Whisper

    The new closed-cell polyethylene foam with acoustic properties.