• Ambient Acoustics and Soundproofing

    We offer a wide range of acoustic correctors and absorbers with different presentations and materials for all our clients´ needs.
  • Automotive (OMEs-Tier1-Tier2...)

    Thermoformed Technical Parts, Die-cuts, with adhesive, Soundproofing dampening components, Filters, Wiring Protection, Gaskets, Packaging, etc.
  • Cleaning and Hygiene

    Cleaninig and Hygiene
    Polishes (different compounds), dashboard cleaner, suede cleaner, bath sponges, clothes brushes... These are some od the products offered in the Home section.
  • Construction

    Thermal and acoustic insulation, Draught excluders, Adhesives, Polyethene Rolls for soud-proofing, M1 Impregnated material (Firegen), Plastic boarding.
  • Genaral Industry and Capital Goods

    Industrial General
    Sealing joints, Foam and Wool Filter Cloths, Adhesive joints, Surface Coatings, Complex Insulators (Polyethylene and Rubber Shells), Felts, Mats.
  • Merchandising


    Die-cutting parts with different shapes and colors, nautical key chains, caps, mouse pads, foam pieces for children's games, posters, displays, etc. .... Specific materials that increase durability. Ultrvioleta resistant to UV and moisture. Pleasant to the touch and variety of surface finishes.

  • Packaging

    For protection, Technical, Returnables-CKD, for Presentation, Anti-static, Filler material for containers, etc.
  • Sport

    Swimming Pool Accessories (Boards, Floats, Pull-boys, Swimming Aids, Toys, etc), Padded mattresses for Floors, Camping mats, Basket Protectors, Archery, Thermoformed inserts for backpacks and safety clothing, etc.
  • White Goods

    Línea Blanca
    Foam filters, Gaskets, Spacers, Thermal insulation shells, Sound-proofing, Acoustics, Packaging, etc.