Silentec is a flexible, open-cell foam made from Basotect melamine resin. A thermoset polymer.

Its filamentary structure gives it very impressive acoustic characteristics. Furthermore, this product is not toxic as it does not contain any mineral fibres.

The main properties of this product are:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Low weight
  • Excellent fire resistance properties. Class 1, UL94.

The Silentec range is available in various different sizes and formats, depending on their application on walls or ceilings:


  • Silentec WAVES
  • Silentec PYRAMID
  • Silentec ANGULAR
  • Silentec SEMI-PYRAMID
  • Silentec FLAT
  • Silentec TEGULAR FLAT
  • Silentec TEGULAR-MIXED
  • Silentec VULCAN
  • Silentec LINEAR

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