New fireproof foam material, in our range of soundproofing products.

New development of fireproofing foam material Firegen, applied for soundproofing.


Modisprem completed development of a new flame retardant material applied foam for soundproofing.


Through the process of impregnation, we have succeeded in changing the behavior of conventional foam and reach the M1 fire certificate.


We got an absorbent foam, keeping the usual designs of pyramids and alveoli, but through this new process can also expand our range of colors.


Laminated to a textile flame retardant, the new complex foam material, creates a perfect barrier and gives comfort to the siding of the stalls and walls, movie theaters, convention halls, common areas and hallways at the hotel.


The provision is made in sheets and rolls in various lengths and a maximum width of 1.750mm. The range of thickness is 2mm. 100mm. depending on the application.
Reached final densities ranging from 70 to more than 100 kg/m3, also depending on your application.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact your usual sales charge.