Modisprem entra a formar parte del Clúster de Automoción de Aragón (CAAR)

MODISPREM: joins the Automotive Cluster of Aragon (CAAR)

Modisprem has just entered the Cluster of Automotive Aragon. The Automotive Cluster of Aragon (CAAR), is a non-profit association of private and independent nature.

The objectives of the Automotive Cluster that we share are:

  • Promote cooperation and collaboration in projects between companies in the automotive sector of Aragon improving the efficiency of its operations.
  • To promote the R & D & I of the automotive sector in Aragon and to promote the exploitation of new technologies.
  • Improve the management and training of Human Resources.
  • Improve the competitiveness of your companies.

We want to thank the members of CAAR for the treatment and affection shown at all times. It is our desire to contribute and add knowledge and experience at the same time as learning from the same of all the members that make up this Organization.

News published by Heraldo de Aragón (07/21/2016)


Communication Department MODISPREM