Packaging Lab

We now have a packaging lab of Ethafoam, available to all our customers.


The globalization of markets is forcing improvements in packaging systems used for product protection. Efficient packaging becomes an indispensable factor for competing in warm.


The optimization of the packaging system can only be achieved if information is available, polyethylene foam and experience appropriate distribution of risks.


Having identified all the risks, we can design a package that protects the product in each situation.


The new dynamic test center ISTA certified, will provide customers enhanced Modisprem tests, on their packaging, polyethylene foam.


We develop tests:


Compression, traction, cushioning curves, characterizing the packing foam, static compression, creep test, test test fragility and transport simulation.


Managed to optimize the volume of foam necessary to ensure optimal protection of their products.


Thereby minimizing the cost impact of foam protection is on the final price of the piece.