Melamine foam Basotect.

Basotect acoustic Conditioning.

Modisprem is specialized in the transformation of melamine foam Basotect, through his range of products Silentec.


Specially designed to condition acoustic spaces, reduces noise and improves the quality of the sound.


Because of its low density (9Kg/m3) Basotect foam becomes a perfect product for applications where saving weight and volume, is a prerequisite.


It works as a perfect flame retardant due to its excellent flame retardant properties. Does not melt or drip in contact with fire, it is carbonized without coal fire.


Meets the highest demands of markets such technified as the aeronautics, the automobile or the military.


It can also be used as thermal insulation and even as a sponge for cleaning.


It is the most technologically advanced foam for conventional uses, with a very competitive price.