Polyethylene foam with acoustic properties and fire classification B1.
Colour: White or Black
Density: 30 Kg/m3
Length: 50%
Tensile strength: 140 KPa

Ethafoam® Whisper™ is a closed cell polethylene foam which has cells that are subsequently opened through the manufacturing process resulting in a highly efficient sound absorbent material with unique advantages compared to other materials.

Resilient to Water and Humidity.

One of the key features of Ethafoam® Whisper™ foam is the ability to remain almost unaltered when exposed to water or humidity, the product’s acoustic performance remains consistent.

Testing of Ethafoam® Whisper™ foam was carried out at Instituto Giardani, Italy under the EN ISO 354: 2003. Measurement of Sound Absorption in a reverberation room.

In-house testing using Sealed Air own Impedence Tube takes place on a regular basis to qualify the acoustic performance on Ethafoam® Whisper™ foam.