Foam material, generally with an open cell structure, with low resistance to compression and quick recovery with a polyether base. Very resistant to damp.
Colour: Black, Grey, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue...
Density: From 15 up to 400 Kg/m3
Tensile strength: Between 50 and 800 KPa




Good recovery, comfortable and with good resistance to fatigue and fire (self-extinguishes). Water-resistant. Can be presented in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible form.

Can undergo post-treatment processes such as impregnation, densification or reticulation.



  • Automotive: For manufacturing adhesive weather-stripping and die-cut parts for cable coverings.
  • Home: One of the most common uses is polyurethane sponges used for personal and general hygiene.
  • Packaging: For making cast and die-cut parts for protective and presentation packaging.

Supply form:


Can be die-cut, cut, arbour pressed, milled, cast, welded (also with other foams or materials), with adhesive.