Modisprem offers an extensive product catalogue to a wide range of sport sectors: Martial Arts, Swimming, Archery, Mountaineering and Rambling, etc.


We have a large variety of products for these sectors:


  • Flor mats for kindergardents.
  • Yoga mats.
  • Protection products:
    • Shin guardas.
    • Globes.
    • Protectors or guards.


  • Swimming and life saving:
    • Pull-boys.
    • Wrist and ankle bands.
    • Belts.
    • Swimming boards.
    • Swimming noodles.
    • Conectors.
    • Floating mats.
    • Armbands.
    • Collars
    • Components for life jackets.
    • Approved lifesaving tubes


  • Camping mattresses.
  • Back frames thermoformed for rucksacks.
  • Base components for bodyboards.
  • Materials for the target board in archery.

We develop solutions for assembing breastplates in polyethylene Ethafoam 400-E and PR5050. Very appropriate material for these types of sports due to its:

      • Light weigth.
      • Resistence to multiple impacts.
      • Economical cost.
      • Resistance to envirinmental conditions.


  • Foam balls.
  • Thermoformed inserts of polyethylene foam for technical clothing. (Fire, Police, Military, Clothing and Helmets for bikes, etc ...)