Modisprem meets the home demand in its catalog, offering everything, since shoe polish to baby bath sponges.


Manufacture complex to cover personal cleaning applications, home and car.


We have all the materials and the widest range of colors.


The supply can be made in bulk, packaged in blister packs or boxes as needed, such as unprocessed material, semi-finished or ready for disposal on the shelf.


We include screen printing, thermal printing or custom films.


Our offer covers the following items:


  • Polishoes with or without impregnation.
  • Clean dashboard.
  • Clean-front resort.
  • Sponges in all colors, shapes and materials.
  • Clothes brushes.
  • Make tassels on fine-pore foam or latex.
  • Cervical pillows and foam mattresses.
  • Shoe inserts.
  • Bitumen dispenser foams and polish the skin of the shoes.