Die-Cut Gaskets

With the die-cutting process we obtain parts with clean cuts and very fitted dimensional tolerances. All thanks to the perfect combination of the pressure of the presses and the cut from the blades.


By die-cutting, we can achieve large series of parts all with minimal dimensional tolerances. The most diverse shapes can be die-cut and thanks to the versatility of our machines, we can adapt them to suit parts of almost any size.


We can die-cut a large variety of materials with different widths and thicknesses.


The parts can incorporate adhesive if our clients requires it. We can even die-cut foam up to the protective paper of the adhesive, making it easier to assemble the parts (selective cut, half-cut or semi-cut).




  • Anti-vibration components.
  • Distancials.
  • Sealing gaskets. 
  • Packaging.
  • Sport (tatami mats, swimming boards...).
  • Filters.
  • Ridges.
  • Nautical key chains.
  • Mouse pads.